New Delhi: As the country is battling the unprecedented outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the healthcare professionals emerge as the unsung heroes. It was for them that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had urged the entire country to come out on their balconies and bang plates. Still, everything falls short in the respect of what they are doing day in and day out. Also Read - Viral Video: PPE-clad Healthcare Workers Dance to Cheer Up Patients in Assam's Covid Care | WATCH

The Telangana health department has released a photo of a healthcare professional taking his PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) off after eight hours of straight work. Also Read - Telangana Village Tribals Isolate Themselves in Forest After Testing Positive For Coronavirus

PPE includes gowns, gloves, Medical mask and eye protection (goggles or face shield). This is for the healthcare workers providing direct care to COVID-19 patients. There are other aerosol-generating procedures, which come with a respirator. These PPEs are for one-time use only, and since the world witnessed an acute shortage of the PPEs, most healthcare professionals are working in the same PPE for the whole day, without taking a washroom break. Some are wearing adult diapers as well. Some are avoiding drinking water. Since the material is thick, sweating is inevitable and in most health care facilities, ACs and fans are switched off to prevent the virus from spreading. Also Read - Mumbai Student Designs PPE Kit with Ventilation for COVID Warriors After Seeing Doctor Mom's Struggle