New Delhi, December 25: On Friday afternoon when India was busy celebrating Christmas and Pakistan who were celebrating birthday of Mohammed Ali Jinnah a master stroke by Prime Minister Narendra Modi shook all his critique when he decided to halt at Lahore few hours before taking off from Kabul. Also Read - Laga Bhi Dia, Pata hi Nahi Chala: PM Modi to Sister P Niveda After Receiving Covaxin Jab

The official declaration about Narendra Modi’s first ever visit to Pakistan did not gave ample amount of time for both the opposition (in India and Pakistan) to counter his visit there. Most of the opposition members were unhappy by his unplanned visit to the country which is most important for India when it comes to matter related to National Security. In last 11 years none of the big leaders from India had visited Pakistan after Atal Bihari Vajpayee visited there in 2004. Also Read - ISRO’s PSLV-C51 Rocket Set to Blast Off on Sunday Carrying Bhagavad Gita, PM Modi’s Photo | Countdown Begins

Todays Modi visit at Lahore not only surprised Pakistan and his opponents in India but his unplanned visit surprised whole world as the news was played up by every news organsation across the world. Also Read - India Toy Fair 2021: 'Use Less Plastic to Make Toys,' PM Modi Tells Industries

Congress leaders were irked by Modi’s surprised visit and dubbed it as an ‘adventure which will cause great harm to Indias National Security’.

Modi’s visit in Pakistan will definitely bring smile on the face of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, as he always wanted to go to Pakistan to start a conversation between two nations. Some say that the party leadership in Congress did not allowed Manmohan Singh to go there.

In 2011 Singh went to Kabul, but in his ten years of tenure he was never able to visit Pakistan.

In 2007 Manmohan Singh, while addressing a crowd in Amritsar said, “I dream of a day, while retaining our respective national identities, one can have a breakfast in Amritsar, lunch in Lahore and dinner in Kabul. That is how my forefather lived. That is how I want our grandchildren to live”.

Today, Modi was able to achieve what Manmohan Singh and many other Prime Ministers of India were not able to achieve. Read Also: (Narendra Modi visits Nawaz Sharif’s home, attends his grand-daughter’s wedding)

The surprising diplomacy had put the Congress leaders in a condition of stalemate as Modi had surely developed a good relations with this visit.

Narendra Modi on Friday morning had a breakfast with leaders in Afghanistan after which he boarded on a plane towards New Delhi and in between that he decided to take a stop at Lahore where he wished birthday to his counterpart Nawaz Sharif. At around 7 pm he boarded back to his flight and will be reaching to Delhi where he is expected to attend dinner party organised by BJP leaders to celebrate birthday of Atal Bihari Vajpayee.