New Delhi: Eighteen policemen were suspended on Wednesday after multiple gunshots rocked a courtroom in Uttar Pradesh‘s Bijnor district a day before and killed a main-accused, undertrial, in the murder case of a BSP leader.

On Tuesday afternoon, three men took out their pistols and opened fire inside a district court in Bijnor, killing a prisoner, Shahnawaz Ansari, accused in a twin murder, who was being produced before the court for a hearing. A policeman and a court staff were also injured in the incident and have been taken to hospital.

Local reports and the advocate present said that the entire courtroom dove in fear the moment the firing was heard. The court premises was also cordoned off following the incident.

The three assailants have been arrested including Sahil, son of BSP MLA Ehsaan Ansari who was murdered, along with his nephew, by Shahnawaz over an argument on purchase of disputed properties. The murder, the police said, was not politically motivated but a business rivalry instead.

It appears that Sahil was taking revenge for his father’s murder, the police said. Bijnor police also stated that the accused-murdered gangster Shahnawaz had 21 cases pending against him, including the twin murders, three attempts to murder, loots as well as ransom, among others.