New Delhi: More than seven years after the gruesome Nirbhaya gangrape and murder case in 2012, the Delhi Court on Wednesday refused immediate execution of death sentence to the four accused. The case has now been postponed to January 7, 2020.

The Delhi Court said that it will give its warrant after the order of Supreme Court is officially communicated.

Broken down and in tears, Nirbhaya’s mother alleged, “The court has given the convicts time to seek remedy. The court is only looking at their rights and not ours. There is no guarantee that a judgement will be given on the next date of hearing.”

Moved by her emotional outburst, one of the judges hearing the case said that they had “full sympathy” in the case but were bound by law to issue fresh notices for the execution of the four convicts.

The trial court set a deadline of one week for the convicts to file mercy plea, and directed Delhi’s Tihar Jail authorities to issue a notice to all four and apprise them of their legal remedies.

However, the case moved one step closer to justice as the top court dismissed the last review petition by one of the convicts, confirming death for the gangrape and murder accused convicts. Meanwhile, in a parallel case in Patiala Court, the bench said it cannot issue an immediate order as there’s a chance that one of the convicts (Akshay Kumar) wants to file a mercy plea.

While hearing the review plea, the Supreme Court bench made it clear that it was not much impressed by the new claims. “We can’t go by views of any author. We can’t go into all this now. This will set a dangerous trend if people start writing books after the trial is over and talk about such things. There will be no end if we start entertaining all these arguments now. He should have offered himself at the time of trial. What can be the purpose of writing all this now? How can we reply on it,” SC had said.