New Delhi, December 15: In a rather shocking event, a Delhi High court lawyer was caught on camera barbarically thrashing his wife and daughters in Delhi’s Vasant Kunj area. The video footage which is reportedly an old one was provided as evidence after it was captured by one of the daughters.Reports claim that the tormentor  frequently abused the victims physically as he wanted a male child.

The video clearly shows the lawyer brutally beating up the wife and the daughter while at the same time abusing them verbally. The father reportedly used to abuse his wife and the daughters after he arrived drunk. Similarly, one of the victim, in a NewsX TV report, claimed that their grandmother, that is the tormentor’s mother was a part of this torture too.

While the accused have reportedly fled, the video was given to the cops. The wife claimed that her husband has been tormenting her and her daughters for several years as she could not conceive a male child.