New Delhi, December 23: Union Finance Minister Rajnath Singh had to face some strong questions on Wednesday, whose answers even he didn’t knew while he went to pay condolences to the martyrs who died on Tuesday. The questions were asked by none other than a martyr’s daughter who died on the same plane which was on its way to Ranchi. Among few question the most serious one was — Why only families of soldiers have to cry?

Though the questions were asked in a tearful manner, but a lot of anger was present in those innocent eyes while asking the questions. The distraught daughter of sub-inspector Rabinder Kumar, who among with his nine soldiers died near Dwarka in the BSF plane, asked the Home Minister why on the his father was boarded in a 20 year old plane which which was auctioned? Why the government did not buy a plane for a BSF? and why only the families of soldiers had to cry? She asked these questions as Singh along with BSF director general DK Pathak reached the spot to give tributes to the soldiers who lost their lives in the Superking B-200 plane. (ALSO READ: Delhi plane crash: DG BSF says there was no problem with the aircraft, families of martyrs lie grief torn)

The daughter of the Kumar repeatedly asked the questions and sought answers by saying : “Jawab Dijiye Sir, Jawab Dijiye Sir (Answer us sir…answer us).” Now the question we are asking here is will the questions of this girl be ever answered? We are waiting Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh. (ALSO READ: Rajnath Singh pays homage to BSF plane crash victims in Delhi)