Lucknow: A delegation of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) accused the Ballia District Magistrate (DM) of casteist statement after they visited Rampur primary school where some students bring plates from there home for mid-day meals and eat separately from Dalit students.

“District Magistrate said that the BSP people wearing good clothes and shoes are talking about Dalits. We want to know if Dalits don’t have the right to wear good clothes in BJP government?” said the delegation.

Ballia DM, Bhawani Singh Khangarot, refuted the claims and said that he doesn’t want to react to political comments.

“When I reached the school, I saw big cars parked on the narrow road. I saw them in white kurtas, wearing expensive shoes and watch, so I guessed they’re politicians,” said the DM.

“I asked the BSP delegation to accompany me in the inspection, they refused. I requested them to eat with us since a video of that would send a good message to the society. But they denied my request and went away,” he added.

A student had earlier said that anyone can eat in the plates available in schools, so they bring separate plates from home.

The Principal of Rampur primary school P Gupta had said that the practice prevails despite school authorities asking students not to do so.

“We ask students to sit together and eat but they go separate ways as soon as we leave. Maybe they’ve learnt it from home,” said Gupta.

“We’ve tried a lot to teach them that they’re all equals but students from upper caste try to stay away from those of lower-caste,” he added.