New Delhi, July 7: After it was established that occultist Geeta Ma had no connection with the ‘mass suicide’ of the Bhatia family, another intriguing detail surfaced on Saturday. As per a report, police have recovered a CCTV footage, close to their house in Burari which shows that each of the 11 individuals who committed suicide had been assigned a specific task for the ‘havan’ before their death. The footage reveals the family members carrying various ingredients for nearly a week before June 30.Also Read - Delhi: Burari 'Horror House' That Saw Mass Suicide of 11 Members Finds New Tenants

Apart from the footage, police have also recovered nine stools, new clothes, wires, five normal mobile phones and an iPad which is locked. Police believe that preparation for the mass suicide had begun on June 26 when one of the family members, Bhavnesh was seen meeting a priest. Following this, Lalit Bhatia was seen carrying a packet containing doctor’s tape and clothes that were used to strengthen the wires from which they were found hanging and finally on June 28 he was seen bringing in wood for the ‘havan’. Also Read - Burari Deaths Not Suicide But Accident, Reveals CFSL Report

It must be noted that according to the diaries seized by the police from the Bhatia household, Lalit had a keen interest in spirits and ghosts and hence visited cremation grounds. He studied occult sciences and watched paranormal shows. As far reports from diaries are to be concerned, Bhavnesh was instructed to withdraw money that was to be invested in their grocery business within a time period of 15 days. On the other hand, a startling entry of four words — Mangal, Budh, Shukra and Shani — was made on June 30 in the diaries which is being looked into by the police. Also Read - Burari Deaths: Psychological Autopsy Report of Deceased Concurs With Police Probe

As the mystery behind the alleged death of 11 members of Bhatia family deepens, a Crime Branch team has been sent to Rajasthan to take the statements of the family members of Lalit’s wife Tina. The conversation with Tina’s family revealed that the Bhatia family had insisted her daighter-in-law’s family to conduct a ritual to help improve their financial condition. But none pointed out anything untoward in Lalit’s behaviour howsoever.

In a bid to find out exactly transpired on that fateful day, police even recreated the chain of events mentioned by Lalit in the diaries. The Crime Branch has so far questioned nearly 130 people-which includes the Bhatia family members’ relatives, neighbours, etc. but all have denied any knowledge of the same.