New Delhi, July 4: The content of the diary which was found in the Burari house, where 11 members of a family were found hanging, and the Sunday earthquake have ignited superstition in the surrounding areas. The police on Monday, July 2, found a diary in the house which details the process of the “mass salvation” including how and where the bodies are to be hanged to attain “Moksha”. The diary, according to a Hindustan Times report, also read that Earth will start shaking “during the fulfillment of the last wish”.Also Read - Unidentified Assailants Shoot, Injure Businessman In Delhi’s Burari Area

“Antim samay mein aakhiri ichcha ki poorti ke waqt aasmaan hilega, dharti kaapegi. Uss waqt tum ghabrana mat. Mantro ka jaap badha dena. Main aakar tumhein utaar loonga. Auron ko bhi utaarne mein madad karoonga (At the last moment and during the fulfillment of the last wish, the sky will move and the Earth will start shaking. Don’t panic at that time. Start chanting more vigorously. I will come to help you come down. I will also help bring down the others)” the diary read. (Related: Burari Family Thought They Wouldn’t Die, Say Cops) Also Read - Girl Allegedly Strangulated To Death, Semi-Naked Body Found In Delhi's Burari, Probe Underway

The diary further reads: “Pattiyan achchhe se baandhni hain.. Shunya ke alaawa kuch nahi dikhna chahiye… Rassi ke saath sooti chunniyan ya sari ka prayog karna hai… Haathon ki pattiyan bach jaaye to usey aankhon pe double kar lena.. Muh ki patti ko bhi rumaal se double kar lena.. Jitni dhridhta aur shraddha dikhaoge utna hi uchit phal milega (Everyone should be blindfolded properly, nothing but a zero should be visible. A chunni or a sari should be used along with a rope. Extra folds should be used to double the eyes’ blindfolds. The more you do it with determination, the better you will have the result). (Related: Cops Launch Manhunt For ‘Tantrik Baba Janegadi’) Also Read - Delhi Man Kills Wife, Sleeps Next to Body

“Some neighbours are also trying to relate to the earthquake in Delhi on Sunday afternoon to the note’s mention of earth trembling. There is a lot of superstitious talk in the colony,” said the officer. Sewing the grisly details written in the diary, the police said that it was just one man, Lalit Chundawa, son of 75-year-old Narayan Devi, who convinced the family into the alleged “mass suicide”. The investigation in the Burari case also revealed that Lalit used to perform the alleged “occult rituals” on being “asked by his dead father”.

On July 1, bodies of 11 members of a family were found hanging from the ceiling of their house in Delhi’s Burari area. The 11 members of the family include seven women and four men. While 10 of the 11 bodies were found hanging, blindfolded and gagged, that of 75-year-old Narayan Devi was found lying on the floor. None of the bodies, hanged close to each other, show any sign of struggle, the police said.