New Delhi, July 2: The post-mortem of six of the eleven bodies of members of a family found dead in Delhi’s Burari on Sunday was completed today with ‘ligature hanging’ being mentioned as the reason behind death, ANI quoted police sources as sayingAlso Read - Why no Mention of Time of Death? AIIMS Report Highlights More Points to CBI in SSR Case

Sources further claimed that no signs of of struggle were found, and the family members had donated their eyes. Also Read - SSR Death Case: Subramanian Swamy Points Out AIIMS Post Mortem Report Can't Say If It Was A Suicide Or Murder

“First thing we did was to donate their eyes that could provide eyesight to 22 people, considering the family was religious and always wanted to help others. We gave approval letter yesterday,” said Naveen Batra, a fried of the family. Also Read - Delhi: Burari 'Horror House' That Saw Mass Suicide of 11 Members Finds New Tenants

Earlier today, ANI cited crime branch sources saying that the handwritten notes, which indicate towards the possibility of ‘mystical/religious practices’ by the family, are being analysed by handwriting experts.

Sources said that it is to be ascertained why the notes were written, and from where did the information come.

They further said that the family of the man whom one of the deceased was due to marry will also be interrogated, adding that the call records of the family members and the search history on the internet are being scrutinised.

Burari Case: Handwritten Notes Give Horrifying Details of 'Mass Salvation'; Suggest Occult Link

Burari Case: Handwritten Notes Give Horrifying Details of 'Mass Salvation'; Suggest Occult Link

33-year-old Priyanka – one of the 11 members of the Bhatia family who were found hanging at their house with their mouth taped and their faces covered with cloth pieces cut from a single bedsheet – had got engaged two weeks ago was about to get married in November.

The sources also revealed the CCTV footage shows a delivery man who came to the house to deliver food at 10:40 pm. “No one came inside or went outside the house, before the local man who found the bodies in the morning,” said a crime branch source.

The case of mass deaths at the Burari house continues to be a mystery with the police suspecting an occult angle based on the handwritten notes recovered.

Also, the horrifying details of the process of ‘salvation’ given in the handwritten notes corroborate with the crime scene.

Meanwhile, according to a Hindustan Times report, the family believed that the moment they will hang themselves, God will miraculously appear and save them.

The report further cited the neighbours saying that a “miracle” had turned the family deeply religious.

Lali Bhatia, one of the deceased from the family, had met with an accident around 10 years ago, as a result of which he had lost his speaking ability.

After trying all the possible medication, the family laid its hopes on prayers. When Lalit was cured of the problem, his family attributed it to their prayers. Following the incident, the family became very spiritual.