New Delhi, July 3: The Delhi Police on Tuesday found notes pertaining to Burari family’s alleged spiritual practices or rituals. The notes revealed that the family used to sleep in one room on specific days, Times of India reported. “The spiritual notes recovered from the house mention that on certain days all the members would sleep in Bhavnesh’s room, while on other days in another room facing a specific direction,” a police officer told the newspaper.Also Read - Women Gets Rs 2 Crore Compensation For 'Botched' Haircut by Salon at Luxurious Hotel in Delhi

Sewing together the grisly details of the Burari case, the police said that it was just one man, Lalit Chundawa, son of 75-year-old Narayan Devi, who convinced the family into the “mass suicide” to attain “Moksha”. The police also found that Lalit was the most influential in the family, and started practising Reiki and alternate treatments after losing his voice following some injury. Also Read - Rain Lashes Several Parts of Delhi, More Shower Expected on Friday

Daughter of Narayani Devi, one of the victims of Delhi’ Burarai case said that there was no reason for the family to commit suicide. She also said that no evidence has been found to support the “mass suicide” story. Also Read - Jamia University to Reopen From Nov For Final Year Vaccinated PhD Students

Earlier in the day, the cops, who suspect that it was a “mass suicide”, revealed that the 11 members of the Burari family, who were found hanging from the ceiling of their home on July 1, believed that they would not die and that God would save them.

The investigation revealed that Lalit used to perform the alleged “occult rituals” on being “asked by his dead father” and used to maintain a daily diary wherein he would record the activities of each person in the house. On the day the “mass suicide” was to be performed, he had asked the family members to just perform the directions.

On July 1, bodies of 11 members of a family were found hanging from the ceiling of their house in Delhi’s Burari area. The 11 members of the family include seven women and four men. While 10 of the 11 bodies were found hanging, blindfolded and gagged, that of 75-year-old Narayan Devi was found lying on the floor. None of the bodies, hanged close to each other, show any sign of struggle, the police said.

A day later, the police found some diaries in the family home which had details on how exactly the rituals are to be performed including how exactly the bodies are to be hanged to attain “Moksha”.

One of the entries in a diary read “everyone will tie their own hands and when the kriya (ritual) is done then everyone will help each other untie their hands”, NDTV reported. The family had ordered 20 rotis on a particular day and a note from the diary read that Narayan Devi would feed each one of them. “I will come tomorrow or day after. If I don’t then I will come later. Don’t worry about Lalit, when I come he becomes tense,” the entry in the diary read.