New Delhi, July 9: Days after 11 member of a family found hanging in Burari area, the Delhi Police on Monday suspect that the family’s older son, Bhavnesh had made a last-ditch unsuccessful attempt to escape death. “Forensic experts are of the opinion that Bhavnesh unsuccessfully tried to free himself from the noose. His hands were also found to be loosely tied, making experts believe that he had attempted to untie himself,” leading portal quoted an officer as saying. Also Read - Delhi: Burari 'Horror House' That Saw Mass Suicide of 11 Members Finds New Tenants

A police official, privy to the investigation revealed that the tape and cloth on Bhavnesh’s mouth were partially removed, hinting at his unsuccessful attempt to escape death. Speaking about Bhavnesh, another officer said that his legs were touching the floor and as per forensic experts the noose around his neck tightened after struggled to stand on his feet to avoid death by hanging. Also Read - Black Magic, Anger Behind Kerala Family's Murder; Krishnan's Student Absconding

While ten of the 11 members of the family were found hanging from an iron-mesh in the ceiling on Sunday, the body of 77-year-old Narayan Devi, the head of the family, was lying on the floor in another room of the house. Devi’s daughter Pratibha, 57, her two sons Bhavnesh, 50, and Lalit, 45, were also among the dead. Bhavnesh’s wife Savita, 48 and their three children – Maneka, 23, Neetu, 25, and Dhirendra, aged 15, too were found dead. Also Read - Kerala: Family of Four Found Buried, Stacked Over One Another, Inside Home in Idukki; Black Magic Suspected

Earleir on Wednesday, a CCTV footage from the neighbourhood of the family’s house in Burari cemented Delhi Police’s theory of the family suffering from ‘shared psychosis’ that led to the alleged ‘mass suicide’ of 11 of its members.

The footage shows that the bought goods used in ‘rituals’, five tables and bandage from shop close to their Burari home. The footage revealed that the family had bought goods 10 days before they allegedly decided to hang themselves to attain “Moksha” (salvation).