Azamgarh, October 1: Nowadays beef has become a topic of debate in the country since the right wing activists have taken an aggressive move against the people eating beef, mainly Muslims. The 50-year-old Mohammed Akhlaq was lynched on Monday night by angered mob, following an announcement in the local temple that his family had consumed beef. No doubt beef may lead to communal violence in any part of the country.Also Read - Facebook Messenger, Instagram Postpone Encryption Of Messages To 2023. Details Here.

Here are the few images doing rounds on social media like Facebook and WhatsApp in which a burkha-clad man is seen. According to the Facebook post, the man is an RSS activist, who wearing burkha was throwing beef in the temples of Azamgarh. The man was paraded to expose the evil action of the right wing organisation. Also Read - Instagram to Use Video Selfies For Identity Verification: Report

The Facebook post is copied from a tweet. However, the tweet has been deleted now. Although the authenticity of the claims is not yet known, it could be an attempt to incite communal tensions by either side. If the incident is true, then it exposes the poisonous mindset of the RSS. If it is not true then the person should be arrested for spreading such rumours on such a sensitive issue that may widen the rift between the two communities (Hindu and Muslim) and further lead to a riot kind of situation in the country. (ALSO READ: Mohan Bhagwat faces more flak on quota issue, RSS is BJP’s Supreme) Also Read - WhatsApp Mulls To Rollout This Exciting Feature To Enhance Status Privacy | Details Here

Read the post claiming that an RSS activist was caught red-handed while throwing beef in temples, below:

RSS activists in Burkha Caught redhanded while throwing #Beef in Mandir in Azamgarh, copy to twitter

Posted by Sameer Gupta on Wednesday, September 30, 2015