New Delhi: At a time when the whole of the nation is burning with violent protests over the contentious Citizenship Amendment Act 2019, BJP working president JP Nadda on Thursday made his opinion clear that the CAA and the NRC will be implemented across the country irrespective of rising protests.

He said this after meeting Sikh refugees from Afghanistan, who eventually will become Indian citizens under the CAA. He also accused the Opposition of inciting violence against the CAA.

Saying that the Opposition members are protesting for vote bank politics, Nadda said they are not thinking about the plight of minorities of three neighbouring countries living in India.

“Those who are opposing the citizenship law should meet them. These people have been living in India for 28-30 years but can’t admit their children in schools or buy a house as they do not have citizenship. Our rivals cannot see anything beyond their vote bank politics,” Nadda was quoted as saying by PTI.

He said the country is going ahead in the right direction under Prime Minister Narendra Modi and will continue to do so.

The statement from the BJP leader comes after a delegation of Sikhs met him at the BJP headquarters and thanked the party for bringing changes in the citizenship law.

Echoing the same sentiment, Union Home Minister Amit Shah had earlier also stressed that there was no question of going back on the implementation of the CAA in the country.

“There is no going back on Citizenship Act, the government is firm like a rock on its implementation,” Shah said while addressing the India Economic Conclave.

The CAA, which is witnessing strong opposition across India, seeks to grant citizenship to Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Parsis, Jains and Buddhists from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan if they arrived in India on or before December 31, 2014, because of religious persecution.