New Delhi: West Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh on Saturday stoked a fresh controversy by referring the people protesting against the amended citizenship law at Shaheen Bagh as ‘uneducated’. He also claimed that burqa-clad women have been made to sit on the streets of Delhi Shaheen Bagh and Kolkata’s Park Circus for ‘money and biryani’.Also Read - Sexual Harassment Case Against Dilip Ghosh For Derogatory Remark at Woman Anti-CAA Protester

Ghosh made the controversial remarks while addressing a state BJP meeting of office-bearers, MPs and MLAs. Also Read - 'Why Has no Shaheen Bagh Protester Fallen Sick or Died Until Now,' Dilip Ghosh Courts Controversy

“Some uneducated, ordinary, poverty-stricken people, who lack consciousness, have been made to sit on the road. They are being given money and fed biryani daily, that too out of funds coming from abroad,” news agency PTI quoted the BJP leader as saying. Also Read - Dilip Ghosh Sticks by His Hateful Statement, Repeats 'Will Shoot Protestors'

He alleged that the sole aim of protest at Shaheen Bagh or Park Circus was to show that people were with them.

Ghosh also lambasted senior Congress leader Chidambaram and CPI-M politburo member Brinda Karat saying that nobody listens to them except ‘uneducated burqa-clad women’.

“I am surprised. National leaders of lot of parties come to Bengal, but nobody listens to their speeches. So people like Karat or Chidambaram address gatherings at Shaheen Bagh when they are in Delhi, or at Park Circus when they are in West Bengal. Who listens to them? Some uneducated, burqa-clad women sitting there with their children. They are their only audience.”

Dilip Ghosh Not New to Controversy

This is not the first time Ghosh has made derogatory remarks against anti-CAA protesters. Last month, he had wondered why the Shaheen Bagh protesters, who include women and children, were not falling ill or dying despite sitting on a demonstration for weeks under the open sky.

He had also stated those agitating against CAA were ‘shot like dogs’ in BJP-run states Assam, Uttar Pradesh, and Karnataka.

Earlier this month, a sexual harassment case was registered against him following his controversial remarks against a woman who had raised an anti-CAA placard at a BJP rally in south Kolkata.