New Delhi: Air India has sent a termination letter to four cabin crew members who called in sick during the festive season. All of them, according to a TOI report, were rostered from duty on a Delhi-Mumbai flight.

Many employees asked for leaves during Karva Chauth, the report said. Though Air India has a surplus of the crew, they were denied leaves. Eventually, they didn’t turn up to work on the day they actually planned to take a leave. All of them called in sick. The department enquired and called each of them to find out their health condition. A number of them, as reported, were willing to report to duty.

On November 2 and 3, about 238 crew members called in sick. It was found out that most of them had applied for leaves earlier and was denied. Four of them have been sent a letter asking them to report to work or face termination. The purpose was to mostly arrest absenteeism as, during the festive time, passenger pressure is generally high.

This is, however, not the first time that Air India has taken such a stern step. In 2014, Air India terminated the services of 45 cabin crew on the ground of absenteeism. There was a large gap between the number of cabin crew on their payrolls and the number reporting for work.