New Delhi: While creating awareness is a crucial step to tackle the coronavirus outbreak, it is also important to ensure that the information is from a verified source. The government of India has sent out several advisories on how to prevent the transmission of the deadly virus by maintaining basic etiquettes. However, it is also important to keep a check on what you are eating.Also Read - Price of Corbevax Covid-19 Vaccine Slashed to Rs 250 Per Dose. Deets Inside

Experts in the field have said it is unlikely that COVID-19 spread through food, taking note from similar diseases – SARS and MERS. This was further clarified by the central government’s Animal Husbandry and Fisheries department as it reiterated that coronavirus is ‘not’ transmitted through dairy, meat, egg or fish. Also Read - 28 Students Test COVID Positive At IIM Calcutta Campus, 58 Others Kept In Home Isolation

“Some people are creating panic due to lack of knowledge regarding #Coronavirus. Animal Husbandry, Dairy & Dairying Department has already clarified that COVID-19 is not transmitted through meat, egg or fish,” said Union Minister for Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Giriraj Singh, dispersing fears among meat-eaters. Also Read - This Country Could Witness 16 Lakh COVID Deaths If Restrictions Are Lifted: Study

According to researchers, coronavirus requires a host – be it animal or human – to grow, and hence, it cannot grow inside the food. Thorough cooking, with well-cleaned vegetables and meat or dairy products can easily avoid the spread of the virus as it dies under severe heat (above 60ºC).

Notably, after battling the global epidemic for over two months, experts from China have extended their help to Indian doctors treating patients with coronavirus. As the number of positive cases touches 30, top Chinese doctors treating patients in Wuhan advised their Indian counterparts to prepare a plan, train medical staff and educate the public.

The Union health ministry as well the Ministry of Human Resource Development has already issued advisories to all schools asking them to avoid any large gathering of students in premises. The ministry also asked them to ensure the availability of soap and water in restrooms at all times. The advisory further stated frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, switches, desktops, hand railing should be disinfected.