New Delhi: It is now proved that coronavirus, which was first spotted in Wuhan in China, was underestimated. Now with the number of positive cases growing with leaps and bounds, it has become a crisis but not beyond control, the World Health Organisation has said.Also Read - Coronavirus: Can't Buy More Than Four Packs of Toilet Paper in Australia

Several mass gatherings have been cancelled. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has declined to participate in any Holi gathering as experts are advising against any mass congregation as that will increase the chances of infection. Also Read - Coronavirus: Do Indian Namaskar, Ditch Handshake, Says Goa BJP Leader

So how does it spread is the vital question. Does it spread through sex? The answer is simple. No and Yes. It’s not sexually transmitted disease. But at the same time, making out, kissing will carry the virus from one to another. Also Read - Coronavirus: CBSE Allows Students to Carry Masks, Sanitizers in Exam Halls For the Ongoing Class 10, 12 Boards | Highlights

From Mass gathering?

Chances are there but it also depends how many people were there, what the proximity was, whether you have got ‘viral droplet’ or not. Why Holi gatherings are on the radar? Any festival translates to huge gatherings. It does not have to do anything special with Holi. But since it will bring a huge number of people in close contact, precautionary measures should be taken.

What is a viral droplet?

According to experts, it can be transmitted through cough, sneeze, laugh etc. So sneezing and coughing are the main two ways. These droplets enter through eyes, nose or mouth. So even if you are wearing a mask, you are not safe if you touch your eyes.

What is a safe distance?

A distance between three feet to six feet is ideal. But the problem is that there is no sure way to identify an ill person.