New Delhi: Self-styled godman Nithyananda who was once accused of sexual abuse by a former devotee was in news yet again after he made an appalling comment that he can make monkeys, cows and lions speak in Sanskrit and Tamil.

The outrageous comment made by Nithyananda went viral on the social media after a video clip of the same emerged. Nithyananda was heard saying, “I will demonstrate…monkeys and other few animals, which do not have many of the internal organs we all have, by initiating them into superconscious breakthrough, they will grow these organs, and I will establish it, prove it through a scientific, medical test and researches (sic).”

The godman who was seen in rust-coloured robes and was holding a silver staff was also sporting a beard. In the video, the audience is heard cheering for the godman loudly as he goes on to make the ostentatious comment.

The godman goes on to say that he made this breakthrough to a software that he claims to have casually tested. “I am declaring after testing this software yesterday. Yesterday, actually, I casually tested this software. It was perfectly working. Understand, Let this be on record. Within a year, I’ll establish this, said Nithyananda.”

He added, “I’ll develop a proper, phonetic, linguistic-capable vocal cord for monkeys. Phonetic, linguistic-capable vocal cord for lions and tigers. We are going to have bulls and cows which will talk to you very clearly, legitimately, in Sanskrit and Tamil.”

For the unversed, Nithyananda claims to be the spiritual head of the Madurai Adheenam mutt which is located in Tamil Nadu. Nithyananda was arrested in 2010 in Himachal Pradesh over rape allegations. He was also allegedly seen in explicit footage with an actress.