New Delhi: In the face of a massive outbreak of the confirmed novel coronavirus cases in India, as all gyms, pools have already been closed, many people are going out for morning walks. A day before Janata Curfew, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal urged Delhi people to stay away from morning walks for some times. “I appeal to all of you to discontinue your morning walks for some time and stay at home. We are not doing a lockdown currently but we might in future, if necessary for your betterment and safety,” the CM said. At the onset of the spread of the virus in India, experts had advised ditching the gyms and instead go for a morning walk as the chances of virus transmission are higher in closed-gyms. But now with 298 cases and counting, it is not advisable to step out for no pressing reason. Also Read - Disney's Film 'Tangled' Predicted Coronavirus Outbreak? Netizens Believe so

He announced that those receiving ration from fair-price shops would get 50 per cent extra for next month, and also doubled the pension for widows, differently-abled and elderly for this month. The government has also reduced the size of social, religious and political gatherings to not more than five persons. It has not imposed a lockdown in Delhi for now, but will have to do it if need arises, Kejriwal said. Also Read - Usain Bolt Plays Keepie Uppie Using Toilet Paper Roll to Stay Upbeat During Coronavirus Isolation

Kejriwal said only 50 per cent buses would ply on roads in Delhi during the ‘Janata curfew’ on Sunday. “Rs 4000-5000 pension will be paid to 8.5 lakh beneficiaries by April 7,” he said. Also Read - Coronavirus Outbreak: All Patients in Hospitals to be Checked From Now on

“Seventy-two lakh people in Delhi get ration from fair price shops. Ration per person being increased by 50 per cent. It will be provided free,” the chief minister said. “We are extremely concerned about daily wagers, labourers amid coronavirus crisis; don’t want anyone to go hungry,” he said, adding that food would be provided for homeless in night shelters.

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