New Delhi: Absconding diamantaire Nirav Modi, who is wanted in a multi-crore fraud at Punjab National Bank, reportedly sold two fake diamond rings to a Canadian citizen in Hongkong that cost him US$200,000, his girlfriend and also pushed him into depression. As per a report published in South China Morning Post, Canadian man Paul Alfonso who reportedly had no clue about fraud charges against Nirav, bought the rings to propose to his girlfriend. But their celebration was short-lived after the couple found out that the diamonds were fake. Also Read - Will Nirav Modi Be Finally Sent Back to India? Judgment Day in UK Extradition Case on February 25

The report claimed that Alfonso and Nirav first met in 2012. The Canadian man said that he found his association with Nirav “good” as he gave him a “pep talk” and was “kind of an older brother figure”. Earlier in April this year, he sent a mail to him (diamantaire) asking for a “special” engagement ring at the budget of US$100,000 to propose marriage to his girlfriend. Also Read - Nirav Modi's Brother Arrested in New York For Defrauding LLB Diamonds of $2.6 Million

In his reply, the absconding jeweller offered him a 3.2-carat round brilliant diamond cut, D colour, VVS1 – a high-quality grade and colourless stone at US $120,000. “Thank you for thinking of me when you’re making one of the most meaningful purchases in any man’s life,” the diamond jeweller reportedly wrote after Alfonso approved the design. Also Read - Millionaire Overnight! MP Farmer Finds Diamond Worth Rs 60 lakh in Land He Leased For Rs 200

After a few days, the Canadian national’s girlfriend prompted him to order a second ring from Nirav. In June, they received both rings but the authenticity certificates had not arrived. However in August, when Alfonso’s fiancée took the rings to an appraiser, the couple found that the diamonds were fake.

“I had to get both rings insured because they were pretty high value. For that, we needed to have a letter from someone certified to appraise the rings. My fiancée went to get them appraised,” the South China Morning Post quoted the man as saying.

However, the man was left in a rude shock after his fiancee told him that the stones were fake. “When she told me, I was like ‘That’s impossible. I spent US$200,000 on those rings. There’s no way they are fake. It’s Nirav we are talking about’,” Alfonso reportedly said.

The incident led to a break-up between the couple. “We broke up literally after one or two days. It was just too much for both of us to handle. It does not make sense to her, because she says, ‘You are a pretty smart guy, how did you let someone scam you out of US$200,000 without making sure the transaction was legitimate?'” said Alfonso, who slipped into depression soon after.

Another rude came when he read about charges against Nirav and his bankrupt companies and loan defaults. Now, the man has filed an unlimited civil lawsuit against the diamantaire  in California.