New Delhi: Singer and musician Adnan Sami shared a video on Twitter where a Canada-based Pakistani journalist admitted that Pakistan can’t afford a war to stop India from their move on Jammu and Kashmir.

The journalist, in the video, said that the J&K issue can not be solved by running to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

“There’s no other way to stop India other than going into a war but the Pakistan Army doesn’t want to involve in war because it can expose the strength of Pakistan army,” said Mohammed Rizwan, journalist, researcher, and political analyst.

He said that Pakistan can’t afford a war and citing poor economic situation is nothing more than an excuse.

Rizwan further said that Pakistan always created false narratives about the result of every war against India. They have lost all the wars but successfully manipulated the public discourse in Pakistan.

Adnani Sami has been quite active on Twitter, especially against the trolls who question his nationalism. Earlier a Pakistani citizen, Sami got Indian citizenship five years back.

“I’m against Terrorism & against d Pak Army which has provoked wars wt both its neighbours & destroyed democracy & the mindset of the ppl of Pak (sic),” he had tweeted last week.