Orcha: Five people, including a child, had a narrow escape on Monday after the car they were travelling in, fell into a river in Orchha town of Niwari district in Madhya Pradesh.

The accident occurred when the car was trying to avoid collision with an auto-rickshaw coming from the opposite side. The incident captured on CCTV, shows the the car and an auto-rickshaw coming from opposite directions, colliding on the bridge, following which the car falls into the river.

Watch the video here:

As the car starts to sink, the passengers try to get out of the car. They take out the child from the car first and throw him near the bridge to save him, however, the people standing could not get hold of the child.

A man later jumped into the river to save the child and all the other occupants of the car were also later rescued by the people present the accident site. They were rushed to a nearby hospital with minor injuries.

Meanwhile, the autorickshaw driver fled the spot after the accident.

Earlier this month, six people were killed and many injured after a bus fell off from a flyover in Madhya Pradesh’s Raisen.