New Delhi: A retired judge of Hyderabad High Court has come under the scanner after his daughter-in-law released a video wherein he was seen assaulting her brutally.

Justice Nooty Ramamohana Rao, his wife Durga Lakshmi and son Nooty Vashishta were seen hitting the woman in the middle of an argument while two toddlers were trying to rescue their mother.

The 2:20-minute video, with the timestamp dated April 20, 2019, has been shared widely on social media.

Earlier this year in April, the woman Sindhu Sharma had filed a case of domestic violence and harassment against her in-laws and husband Nooty Vashishta. The duo (Sharma and Vashishta) had tied the knot in 2012.

Speaking to a portal, Sharma said that her husband used to assault her frequently and make demands for dowry. But despite the torture, she is ready to reconcile things if her husband agrees to stay separate from his parents.  “I just want justice, I don’t want them to get punished”, the woman said.

Contray to her claims,  Vashishta Nooty, said that the video was fabricated. “I filed for a divorce petition, now Sindhu released a fabricated video,”Nooty told News18.

Sources close to the victim’s in-laws also told the portal that Sharma tried to commit suicide and had attempted to do the same when her in-laws thrashed her that night.