Bengaluru, September 13: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has hitherto remained indifferent to the Cauvery water dispute on Tuesday reached out to the people of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, appealing for peace and calm. Saying that he was pained by the developments of the last two days, the Prime Minister said that violence was not the answer and the two states should reach a consensus through restraint and mutual dialogue. This comes after the over a century old dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu reached its peak on Monday when one person was killed in police firing in West Bengaluru. Over the past two days, the riots and violence have lead to a significant loss to property and commerce as businesses have been forced to shut down.Also Read - Karnataka COVID Third Wave May Peak Next Week. What State Minister R Ashoka Said on Weekend Curfew, Full Lockdown

“Situation that has emerged in Karnataka & Tamil Nadu, as a fallout of issue of distribution of waters of Cauvery River, is distressful”, the official Twitter handle of the PMO tweeted. “I am personally pained at the developments. Violence cannot provide a solution to any problem. In a democracy, solutions are found through restraint and mutual dialogue”, successive tweets about the PM’s statement said. “This dispute can only be solved within the legal ambit. Breaking the law is not a viable alternative. The violence and arson seen in the last two days is only causing loss to the poor, and to our nation’s property.Whenever the country has faced adverse circumstances, the people of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, just like people across the country have always handled the situation with sensitivity.” ALSO READ: Karnataka Bandh over Cauvery water dispute: Here’s everything you need to know on why Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are behaving like India and Pakistan Also Read - Major Tragedy: 3 Infants Die After MR Vaccination in Karnataka's Belagavi District

The PM added by saying, “I appeal to the people of the two States, to display sensitivity, and also keep in mind their civic responsibilities. I trust you will keep national interest and nation building above all else and give priority to restraint, harmony, and finding a solution, eschewing violence, destruction and arson”. This comes even as curfew was relaxed in the city in several areas to allow people to step out of their homes to celebrate the festival of Eid-al-Azha. Schools and colleges will remain shut till tomorrow as the state has announced the imposition of Section 144, to control widespread violence and arson, seen over the past few days. Bengaluru police also made appeals for calm to the people and urged them to not believe in rumours being spread through social media and via text messages and videos. Also Read - Tamil Nadu Govt Shuts Schools For All Classes Till Jan 31, Postpones Exams Due To Rise In COVID Cases

The City Police have also issued helpline numbers to be used by people in any need of assistance. “For any emergency make a call to DIAL-100 / 1095”, tweeted the official handle of city traffic police. Earlier, Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting M Venkaiah Naidu had said that the violence seen in Tamil nadu and Karnataka was ‘very disturbing’ , especially after the order of the Supreme Court. Such violence and destruction of property negates the rule of law and ultimately impacts the life of common man, Naidu had said, saying that the issue will only be solved through discussions.

Stressing the need to maintain peace, Naidu had said that people should refrain from attacking people from the other linguistic groups, living in their states, as they have also significantly contributed towards the development of the state. “They should not be made to feel insecure as it is the Constitutional right of every citizen to live in a place of choice in the country. Violence and counter-violence would only further complicate the matters and is not in the interest of any State. Both the State Governments should take effective measures to check the violence immediately”, said Naidu.