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(CBSE 10th Results 2015 and future career options: Which stream or subject to choose after CBSE class 10th (X) Board Results as per your CGPA) Also Read - CBSE to Conduct Class 9 And 11 Examinations Online? Board Official Makes Big Statement - Read Here

CBSE 10th Results 2015 Alert: As per earlier reports it was assumed that the CBSE class 10th results will be out by today (21st May, 2015), but so far there is no conformation on time and exact date for the results by CBSE. We have provided some of the further study options for the successful students as per their 10th Board results. Also Read - CBSE Board Exam 2021: Students Won't Get Admit Cards if They Fail in Pre-boards? Here's The Truth

CBSE 10th result is the most crucial academic result for any student; this result decides the main career choices and future professional life of the student. Some students choose their stream and subject of higher studies to achieve their dream jobs and some students are dependent on the CBSE 10th board results to choose the subject and stream according to their marks and Cumulative Grade Points Average (CGPA). Hence the 10th Board result is the real foundation in any Indian student’s professional life.

As Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is going to shortly declare the 2015 10th Board exam results on their official websites and, let us look at some of the criterions to choose your stream and subjects for your further higher studies according to your 10th CBSE Board result and subject wise marks and CGPA. The admissions for Class Eleventh (XI) for the next academic year (2015-16) will be completely dependent on your CBSE 10th Board result. We have listed down few scenarios according to the CGPA and subject wise marks, so that students can decide which stream or subject can be opted.

Science based stream and subjects: CBSE 10th Board students with results having higher CGPA (indicative percentage of marks) in both Mathematics and Science, and also in one compulsory language depends on which language medium you are applying for can opt for Science based streams with Subjects of further studies include Mathematics or Biology or both.

Commerce based subjects: CBSE 10th Board students with results having higher CGPA (indicative percentage of marks) in Mathematics or Science/Social Science, and also in one compulsory language can opt for Commerce based streams. If the CGPA result for Mathematics or Science is not high, students are advised to apply for Commerce based streams without Mathematics.

Arts & Humanities based subjects: CBSE 10th Board students with results having higher CGPA (indicative percentage of marks) in Social Science, and also in one compulsory language or 2nd language can opt for Arts & Humanities based streams.

Students should make the choice of their stream and subjects very cautiously as this decision will help in shaping up the future of their professional career. Students are advised to not get disheartened if the results of one or two subjects are not as per their expectations, all the above mentioned streams have ample career options in future and many students opting for unconventional courses and subjects are becoming successful professionally. We wish all the CBSE 10th Board students all the best for their results and future.