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Central Railway Brings Down Trespass Deaths by Greasing Fences Between Platforms

Now that the number of trespass deaths is down to zero in Dadar, CR plans to implement 'greasy fence' idea at other stations as well.

Published: July 23, 2019 11:07 PM IST

By News Desk | Edited by Smriti Sinha

Central Railway Brings Down Trespass Deaths by Greasing Fences Between Platforms
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Mumbai: The Central Railway (CR) has found the right deterrent for those daring to cross tracks. It greases the fences separating tracks at railway platforms and so effective has the solution been that the CR said no deaths due to trespassing were reported at Dadar station since mid-February. (Also read: ‘Sone ki Chatai Hai Nahi, Tambu ki Farmaish ho Rahi Hai,’ Says Adhir Ranjan on Railways Plan)

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Now the CR plans to install fences at other stations too. “Dadar used to rank second-highest among all CR stations in terms of trespassing, but no trespassing deaths have been reported here since mid-February this year,” a daily quoted CR Additional Divisional Railway Manager Ashutosh Gupta as saying.

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He added that they had observed many people trying to jump over the fences. As he toyed with the idea of greasing the fence, Gupta thought it best to first do it on a trial basis. So he got his staff to apply grease to the fencing between Platforms 2 and 3 at Dadar. “Now we have decided to extend this idea to other stations too,” he said.

An officer at Dadar said that Mumbaikars are very particular about their clothes so even the idea of grease on their garments acts as a deterrent. Confirming the improvement in trespassing statistics, an RPF official told the daily, “From February 16 to now, 10 natural death, two cases of passengers falling while trying
to board moving trains and one case of electrocution were reported at Dadar station, but no cases of death due to trespassing. Last year, over a dozen people had died due to trespassing at Dadar station during the same period.”

A member of the CR Zonal Railway Users Consultative Council agreed that greasing the fences was a great idea. It was safe and affordable, he added.

Chief PRO of CR, Sunil Udasi said, “Apart from this, we are also taking several other measures to control trespassing in the entire suburban section of Central Railway. As a result, the total number of deaths has come down by 12% this year.”

“Fencing between tracks at platforms have been provided at identified locations to prevent track crossing. In the last year, about 14 km of boundary walls have been
constructed and 113 trespassing locations identified by the GRP,” he told the daily.

CR has also launched various awareness campaigns via photos, artwork, videos and testimonials across media to make passengers aware of the dangers of
trespassing, an officer said.

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