New Delhi: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday equated Coronavirus with Delhi violence, accusing the Centre of spreading panic over coronavirus to ‘divert attention’ from the violence. Also Read - Refugees Residing in West Bengal Don’t Need to Apply For Citizenship Afresh: Mamata

The TMC chief has, in the past, labelled Delhi riots a ‘planned genocide,’ also remarking that ‘Bengal will not be allowed to turn into another Delhi or Uttar Pradesh.Also Read - Won't Tolerate ‘Goli Maaro…’ Slogans in West Bengal, Says Mamata; Calls Delhi Violence a 'Planned Genocide'

Today, speaking at a rally in Buniadpur, in South Dinajpur district, she said, “Today, some people are shouting coronavirus, coronavirus a bit too much. Yes, it is a dreaded disease but don’t create panic. Some channels are hyping it to suppress the Delhi incident.” Also Read - Amit Shah Slams Mamata For West Bengal 'Riots', 'Goli Maro' Chants Heard in His Rally

“Coronavirus should be reported when it occurs. We too don’t want it to spread but do remember all those who died in Delhi, did not die of coronavirus,” she added.

So far, a total of 28 confirmed coronavirus cases have been reported from various parts of India.

“If the people had died of the virus, we would have at least known they died due to a dreaded disease but healthy people were mercilessly killed. The BJP did not even apologise. Think of the arrogance,” Mamata Banerjee further said.

She reiterated that goli maaro‘ slogan won’t be tolerated, warning yet again that ‘Bengal and UP are not the same.’

Thus far, 47 people have been confirmed killed in the violence in the northeast areas of the national capital. The violence initially began as a clash between a pro- and an anti-CAA group in Maujpur last Sunday. However, it turned into full-blown communal clashes a day later and continued on Tuesday.

The situation, however, has been calm since Wednesday after NSA Ajit Doval was handed the charge to restore law and order in the affected regions.