Lucknow: In a first, the Centre is conducting a pan-India survey to measure an individual’s use of his/her time, TOI reported. The survey, conducted by the National Sample Survey Office, began on January 2019 and is expected to stretch till December.

According to the report, the sampling is being done two parameters, paid and unpaid activity. The latter will be significant in the view that it would record data on time spent on household work, volunteering, among other activities, and will help in framing the overall picture of the survey.

Earlier, the exercise was carried out across six states including- Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Odisha, Kerala and Meghalaya–in 1988-89. However, this is the first time that the survey is being conducted across all states.

Speaking on the survey, Chief Statistician Pravin Srivasatava said, “While paid activity will straddle business and jobs which accrue income, the survey will be a fountainhead of information on time spent in unpaid ventures, including volunteer work, domestic and household service.”

Srivasatava outlined the purpose of the survey. “There is much economic activity from their jobs, but with nuclear families being the trend, couples also spend much time in household work. For instance, cooking and rearing children by women helps men hit the field. But such activities have not been collated till now, TOI reported him saying.