New Delhi: Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari on Monday said in the Rajya Sabha that the Centre will soon make it mandatory to manufacture vehicle tyres as per the international standards. For instance, the tyres would be filled with nitrogen in order to avoid busting and to keep a check on accidents, he noted.Also Read - What Is The Safety Rating System That India Plans To Introduce For Passenger Cars

Gadkari was speaking in the light of the Yamuna Expressway accident that took place earlier in the day. At least 29 people lost their lives and several others were injured. Also Read - Bharat-NCAP: Vehicles in India to Get Star Ratings Based on Crash Tests, Says Nitin Gadkari

Earlier there were no records to prove if the Indian manufactured tyres were in line with the international standards. Recent information showed that in various countries including the USA, silicon is added to rubber so that the chances of busting are minimal, noted the Road Transport Minister. In addition, nitrogen should be filled in tyres to keep them cool, he said adding the government would consider making the two requirements mandatory to check accidents. Also Read - Why UP's Purvanchal Expressway Is Unable To Garner The Estimated Traffic?

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, while ordering a probe into the expressway accident, also sought long term recommendations to avoid such accidents in the future.

Gadkari, on the other hand, stated that the Yamuna Expressway was built by the Uttar Pradesh government and the Central government has nothing to do with. He said, “The highway is controlled by the Noida Authority and the Centre has no links with it. The chief minister has constituted a committee to go into it. We have asked the state government to investigate the matter.” Gadkari added, “In 2016 133 lost their lives. in 2017, over 146 people were killed in accidents, while 111 lost their lives in 2018 here.”

Further, he stated that almost 30 per cent of the driving licenses in the country is fake. The minister ensured, “We have been trying to get the Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill for the past year and we will get it passed in Parliament soon.”

(With inputs from ANI)