New Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday pitched for the National Register of Citizen (NCR) to be implemented nationwide, saying that the government is dedicated to wean out illegal immigrants across India.

“Currently NRC is a part of Assam Accord. The Centre – as per its election manifesto – is dedicated to wean out illegal immigrants from every inch of this country. We will make sure that all such immigrants are deported as per international law,” Shah said in the Rajya Sabha.

Yesterday, the home ministry told the Upper House that it was thinking of pushing the July 31 deadline further for publication of the final NRC in Assam, to “maintain fairness” of the procedure.

Further, the ministry of home affairs had said in a written reply to Parvesh Sahib Singh in Lok Sabha that physical infrastructure like border fencing, floodlighting, construction of border roads and establishment of border outposts have been created.

It had informed that border guarding forces conduct regular patrolling and establish observation posts and carry out anti-tunnelling exercises to stop illegal infiltration. However, some illegal immigrants are still able to enter into India in a clandestine and surreptitious manner, mainly due to difficult mountainous and riverine terrain in parts of the long international borders.

The ministry had said that to deal with such illegal immigrants, the powers of the central government under Section 3 of The Foreigners Act, 1946, have been enforced to detect detain and deport illegal foreign nationals.

Last year, Amit Shah had said that India isn’t a ‘Dharamshala’ where illegal immigrants can come and settle down, claiming that only Indians had the right to the country’s resources. “NRC should not be seen by connecting it with the BJP only. It is a way to solve the country’s basic problems. How is it possible that anyone can come and settle down here? The country cannot run like this. Those who are its citizens should stay here only and they only have the right to the resources of this country,” he had added.

(With ANI inputs)