Chandigarh: When several women have been coming forward with their #MeToo horrors, a former student of a top Chandigarh school alleged that the director of the school had allegedly made a pass at him by suggesting that a physical relationship with him would change the student’s life. The author of the blog was 15 years old at that time. Also Read - Anurag Kashyap Records Statement in Rape Case Filed by Payal Ghosh at Versova Police Station

The accused Harold Carver sexually abused several students and was even arrested once but was back at the helm every time, the Delhi-based freelance journalist Sanjay Austa said. Carver tried to browbeat Austa into the idea that sex with him would change the victim’s life. The school director had also asked Austa if he masturbates by calling him into his office. Also Read - #MeToo on Anurag Kashyap: Police to Record Filmmaker’s Statement in Sexual Harassment Case

“(Carver) told me that he would be in his office after school that day and I should come there if I wanted to see my life changed,” Austa writes, adding, the then school principal then told him that he will realise the opportunity after 10 years. Austa also accused the school authorities of hatching a conspiracy with Carver to kill the matter. Also Read - #MeToo on Anurag Kashyap: Payal Ghosh Says ‘If I am Found Hanging, Don’t Consider it Suicide’

When the school principal Louis Lopez was asked about the allegations by Hindustan Times, he said, “The person accused by Austa is known to be a man of immense integrity. With the ongoing #MeToo movement, someone has come out from nowhere and made these statements with an attempt to malign the director’s reputation.”

Carver was earlier arrested when more than a dozen students accused him of sexually abusing him. “Five-six students,  all my hostel mates,  accused him of sexually abusing them….We branded our hostel mates shameless liars…Harold Carver was not just a great teacher. For us he was a Guru. A  Godman. A Mentor. A Father figure.  A man we looked up to,” he writes.

The students, however, withdrew their charges and dropped out of the school as they were “shamed, humiliated and disparaged”.

 How they wreathed in shame and could not  describe the sexual abuse Carver subjected them to with their parents looking on.  In the end these boys, along with their parents, decided it was best to thrown in the towel. They withdrew their charges.  Shamed, humiliated and disparaged, they dropped out of school and disappeared. After a few days, Carver returned to the school as if nothing had happened.