New Delhi: Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) chief K Sivan on Saturday said that communication from Vikram lander to ground station was lost in the last moments during Chandrayaan 2 soft landing on the moon surface. The ISRO chairman added that Vikram lander descent was normal upto altitude of 2.1 km.

Minutes before making the announcement about losing communication with the ‘Vikram’ lander, ISRO Chairman K Sivan briefed the prime minister. Addressing crestfallen ISRO scientists, PM Narendra Modi said, “Be courageous…Hope for the best”. Modi also interacted with students and answered questions.

Later in a tweet, the prime minister said, “India is proud of our scientists! They’ve given their best and have always made India proud. These are moments to be courageous, and courageous we will be! Chairman @isro gave updates on Chandrayaan-2. We remain hopeful and will continue working hard on our space programme.”

The 15-minute descent towards the Moon was described by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) as ’15 minutes of terror’.

Starting from 1:10 am on September 7, ISRO broadcasted the landing mission on various websites and platforms including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

PM Narendra Modi reached Bengaluru late Friday to watch the live landing event, Chandrayaan-2’s final descent on the Moon’s surface, from the Satellite Control Centre (SCC) of ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network (ISTRAC). The prime minister watched the event along with 60 shortlisted students between classes 8 and 10. These students had earlier cleared an online space quiz to watch the soft landing of the mission with PM Modi.

Commenting on India’s second lunar mission, PM Modi had earlier said, “Indian at heart, Indian in spirit! What would make every Indian overjoyed is the fact that it is a fully indigenous mission”.

Revolving around the Earth’s orbit for nearly 23 days, the spacecraft began its journey to the moon on August 14 after taking off from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota on July 22.