New Delhi: The Indian Space Research Organisation has sought Rs 75 crore from the Centre only for Chandrayaan-3, a TOI report said. This will be in addition to its existing budget. Also Read - Chandrayaan 2: 'Already Located Vikram, Go Back and See,' Says ISRO Chief K Sivan on NASA's Discovery

Of this Rs 75 crore, Rs 60 crore will be for “meeting expenditure towards machinery, equipment and other capital expenditure”, while the remaining Rs 15 crore is for revenue expenditure, the report said. Also Read - Why Chandrayaan-2 Failed? Centre's First Official Statement on Missing Vikram

ISRO is reportedly looking at November 2020 as the launch timeline for its next mission to the moon. It has formed an overall panel with three sub-panels to work on the project and held a few high-level meetings in October. The new mission is expected to include only a lander and a rover as the orbiter of the Chandrayaan-2 is working well. Also Read - ISRO prepares to launch Chandrayaan-3 mission by November 2020: Report

Chandrayaan-2, which was launched on July 22, was India’s second mission to Moon after 2008’s Chandrayaan. It intended to make a soft landing on the lunar surface, an attempt, if successful would have made India only the fourth nation-after USA, China and Russia-to achieve this feat and the first to do so in its maiden attempt.

However, instead of the desired soft-landing, Chandrayaan-2’s Vikram lander hard-landed as its velocity during the landing reduced suddenly, which was when all communications with Vikram were lost. The issue has been raised in the ongoing Winter Session of Parliament.  Jitendra Singh, the minister of state in the Prime Minister’s Office, who looks after the department of space, said the first phase of descent was performed nominally from an altitude of 30 km to 7.4 km above the moon’s surface and velocity was reduced from 1,683 metres per second to 146 metres per second, PTI reported.

Meanwhile, NASA claimed to have found the crash site and debris of Vikram to which Isro said that it has already located Vikram Lander.