Bhopal, Feb 13: A Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader on Monday asked the Madhya Pradesh farmers to chant Hanuman Chalisa to ward off natural disasters and save their crops. Speaking to farmers, former MLA from Sehore in Madhya Pradesh Ramesh Saxena urged them to recite Hanuman Chalisa every day for an hour for the next five days to save themselves from the wrath of the natural disasters.

“Scientists have predicted that natural disaster will be continued for next 4-5 days wherein hailstorm and rains are expected. Only one way to tackle this is to chant Hanuman Chalisa,” he told the Madhya Pradesh farmers. Saxena also claimed the natural calamities can be dealt with if Hanuman Chalisa is recited in every village for one hour for the next few days.

“Lord Hanuman is the only force which can shield against winds, rains and hails. This is my claim that if people would recite Hanuman Chalisa for one hour in every village then this natural disaster can be dealt with. I am requesting the youth to chant Hanuman Chalisa for one hour every day, for the next five days,” the BJP leader said.

The BJP leader asking farmers to chant Hanuman Chalisa was video recorded and widely shared on social media. Many even ridiculed Saxena for giving farmers such an advice.

The former MLA’s claims and pieces of advice have come at a time when unseasonal rains and hailstorms have damaged crops in Madhya Pradesh’s Sehore in last few days.