New Delhi: In the Chhattisgarh Assembly Election 2018, the counting of votes in Kota, Lormi, Mungeli, Takhatpur, Bilha, Bilaspur, Beltara and Masturi Assembly sections, which come under Bilaspur constituency, is finished and the results have come in.Also Read - The Kapil Sharma Show Themed Ganesh Pandal In Chhattisgarh Is The Cutest Of All, Comedian Says 'Wow' | Watch

Kota: JCC’s Renu Ajit Jogi wins
The Kota Assembly constituency has been a Congress bastion for the last 12 years. The seat was held by Congress’ Renu Jogi, wife of JCC chief Ajit Jogi, since the 2006 by-polls. However, this time she was fighting on a JCC ticket. The candidate for the 2018 elections from BJP was Kashi Ram Sahu, from Congress was Vibhor Singh, and from JCC was Renu Ajit Jogi. Jogi won over BJP by 3,026 votes. Also Read - Rajasthan: Heavy Rains Cause Flooding in Kota, Jhalawar; Rescue Ops Underway

Lormi: JCC’s Dharmjeet Singh wins
The Lormi constituency was represented by BJP’s Tokhan Ram Sahu, who defeated Congress’ Dharmjeet Singh in the 2013 Assembly elections by a margin of 6,200 votes. The candidate for the 2018 elections from BJP was Tokhan Ram Sahu, from Congress, it was Shatrughan Lal Chandrakar, and from JCC, Dharmjeet Singh Thakur fought. It is JCC’s Thakur who has won by over BJP by 25,553 votes. Also Read - ZEE Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh Organizes The Biggest State Event to be Held in All Tier 2 Cities of Chhattisgarh

Mungeli: BJP’s Punnulal Mohale wins
Reserved for SC candidates, Mungeli was represented by BJP’s Punnalal Mohle, who won the last two assembly elections – 2013 and 2008. For the 2018 Assembly polls, the Congress fielded Rakesh Patre against Mohle. However, BJP won over Congress by 8,487 votes.

Takhatpur: Congress’ Rashmi Singh wins
The BJP won the Takhatpur seat in the last two Assembly elections when Raju Singh represented the party in 2008 and 2013. In the last Assembly polls, Singh defeated Congress’ Ashish Singh Thakur by a margin of 600 votes. The candidate for the 2018 elections from BJP was Harshita Pandey, from Congress was Dr Rashmi Singh, and from JCC (Janta Congress Chhattisgarh) was Santosh Kaushik (Guruji). Congress won over BSP by 2,991 votes.

Bilha: BJP’s Dharam Lal Kaushik wins
In Bilha Assembly constituency, the Indian National Congress’ (INC) Siyaram Kaushik defeated BJP’s Dharam Lal Kaushik in the 2013 Assembly elections by a margin of 10,000 votes. For this year, the candidate from BJP was Dharam Lal Kaushik, from Congress was Rajendra Shukla, and from JCC (Janta Congress Chhattisgarh) was Siyaram Kaushik. BJP’s Dharam Lal Kaushik won over Congress by 26,524 votes.

Bilaspur: Congress’ Shailesh Pandey wins
Bilaspur is a high-profile seat as it seen as a BJP stronghold. Shailesh Pandey of the Congress faced sitting MLA and Chhattisgarh Minister of Urban Development, Amar Agrawal in Bilaspur, who has won the last assembly elections. Pandey won over Agrawal by 11,221 votes.

Beltara: BJP’s Rajnish Kumar Singh wins
The Beltara Assembly constituency was won by the BJP in the last two state elections. The party’s Badri Dhar Deewan defeated Congress’ Bhuwaneshwar Yadav in 2013 by a margin of 5,700 votes. For the 2018 elections, the candidate from BJP was Rajnish Singh, from JCC was Anil Kumar Tah and from Congress was Rajendra Kumar Sahu. BJP took over the constituency once again with Rajnish Singh beating Rajendra Sahu by 6,259 votes.

Masturi: BJP’s Dr Krishna Murti Bandhi wins
The Masturi assembly seat was held by the Congress. Party’s Dilip Lahariya defeated BJP candidate Dr Krishna Murti Bandhi by a margin of over 24,000 votes earlier. This time, both the parties repeated their candidates and the table turned. BJP’s Dr Krishna Murti Bandhi defeated Congress by 14,107 votes.