Chennai: Two women were allegedly thrown out of a Chennai hotel recently as its administration claimed that their behaviour had offended the sensibilities of other guests.

The girls,  Rasika Gopalakrishnan and Shivangi Singh, had gone to The Slate Hotels last Saturday. “While dancing, there were 4 to 5 men who were standing at the bar and were constantly staring at us, making us very uncomfortable,” Gopalakrishnan posted on Facebook.

“As far as we knew, almost everyone else was enjoying themselves as much as we did, yet why did we draw such unwarranted attention? Why was it so hard to digest that two people of the same sex were dancing together? I was appalled at the way in which we were immediately fetishized by the people around us (sic.),” Gopalakrishnan said.

She said the two then went into the washroom. “Moments later, we hear frantic knocks on our door, ordering us to step out of the washroom. 4 male bouncers and 1 female bouncer were inside the washroom, demanding to know what we were doing in the washroom together. They accused us of ‘doing something else’, they warned us about ‘several complaints’ they had received from the guests, and they insisted that we leave immediately. So we left.”

Gopalakrishnan said she and her friend were minding their own business without picking a fight with other guests at the hotel neither did they abuse them.

Wondering how the hotel could throw them out without explaining the exact reason, Gopalakrishnan said, “Such offensive and unprofessional behaviour from the staff is UNACCEPTABLE. How dare they have the audacity to assume that we’d be ‘up to something’? (sic.)”

On her part, Singh wrote in her Facebook post that they had made “the people there uncomfortable by making out on the state” (sic.).

She said the hotel manager told them that he had the video footage of the “making out” and when they insisted on seeing the footage, he said, “there is no need to watch any footage, it won’t be necessary”.

“He lied about the footage — it never existed — so that we could be scared into submission, into redacting our own complaints. This is outright manipulation of customers (sic.),” Singh wrote.

“The manager insisted that they have to keep the place comfortable for everybody in the club, and families etc. were feeling uncomfortable by the mere presence of Rasika and I.”

They say that straight couples on the dance floor were being intimate but they weren’t thrown out. “WE were thrown out because we were making the straight people in the club uncomfortable (sic.),” Singh had posted.

Meanwhile, Founder and CEO of Crossway Hotels and Resorts Yangya Prakash Chandran said, “in bars, hotel staff and bouncers keep a watch on the customers whose behaviour is normally out of ordinary. The hotel will take some action against such guests if other guests find such an action offensive.”