Chennai: A sex worker was strangled to death by her client at Marina Beach in Chennai, said police. The body of the woman was found at the swimming pool situated behind the Marina Beach on Sunday. Identified as Kalaichelvi, the victim was reported missing from Marina beach since 11 PM, stated a police officer who was investigating the case.

The woman was in her forties, said the police. The body was discovered near a garbage can on Sunday morning. Pedestrians who noticed the body of the sex worker immediately alerted the police. Upon medical examination, police found the strangulation marks and injuries on the woman’s neck. According to a report by The Hindu, a police officer suspected that a heated argument must have paved way for the brutal murder. The accused must have taken the woman to the spot behind the swimming pool before strangulating her, claimed the police.

While pedestrians complained of the poor lighting along the beachside, a shopkeeper told The Hindu that crimes have increased over the past six months. Sex workers come to Marina beach after 6 am and many anti-social activities take place in the deserted parts of the beach, added the shopkeeper.

Meanwhile, a senior police officer stated that the team has zeroed in on a few suspects and interrogations are underway. To conduct the investigations, three special police teams were set up.