New Delhi: Hours after former union finance minister P Chidambaram held the first press conference after coming out of Tihar Jail, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar on Thursday slammed the Congress leader, saying he violated the Supreme Court order by speaking on INX Media case.

“Chidambaram has violated the conditions laid by the Supreme Court while granting him bail on the very first day. While granting him bail, the top court had said that he will not make any public statement on the case, but today, he gave a statement that ‘his record as a minister is very clear’. He should not have spoken on the issue as ordered by the apex court,” Javadekar said.

The Union Minister also stated that Chidambaram has violated the apex court order by giving a self-certification of his innocence in the case.

“This is the case that he was involved in corruption while he was the minister and today he is self-certifying that he is innocent in the case. This is nothing but a complete violation of the top court order,” he further added.

The statement from the Union Minister came soon after the former Congress leader held a press conference a day after getting released from the Tihar Jail following the bail order from the Supreme Court.

Holding the first press conference, Chidambaram spoke on a series of issues – starting from economy to rape crimes in the country – and targeted the Central government for failing to address such issues.

Coming down heavily on the failed economic policies of the Central government, Chidambaram said that the Central government is wrong and it is clueless about taking appropriate steps on how to address the economy. “It is unable to look for the obvious clues because it is stubborn and mulish in defending its catastrophic mistakes like demonetisation, flawed GST, tax terrorism, regulatory overkill, protectionism, and centralized control of decision-making in the PMO,” he said.

He also blamed the Prime Minister for the failing economy of the country and said he is unusually silent on the issue, leaving it to his ministers to indulge in bluff and bluster. “The net result is that the government has turned out to be an ‘incompetent manager’ of the economy,” he added.