Beijing, Jan 24: China on Wednesday welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s comment at Davos in which he had called protectionism as dangerous as terrorism. The country said that globalisation serves the interests of all the countries. Also Read - India Set to Rollout World’s Biggest Vaccination Drive Today, 3 Lakh Health Workers to Get Shots on Day 1

“I noticed that Prime Minister Modi made some remarks on protectionism and his remarks showed that globalisation is the trend of the times and serves the interests of all the countries including developing countries and the fight against protectionism and promoting globalisation,” Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying told a media briefing in Beijing. Also Read - Income Tax, Merger of More Banks: Here’s What to Expect From First ‘Paperless’ Budget 2021

PM Modi delivered the keynote address at World Economic Forum. He said that globalisation was shrinking as many countries and societies were becoming self-centered. Also Read - PM Modi to Launch India's Vaccination Drive on Jan 16 | This is What Centre Has Planned

“Many societies and countries are becoming self-centred. It seems that globalisation, as opposed to its definition, is shrinking. Such misplaced preferences can’t be considered any lesser threat than terrorism or climate change. We must admit shine of globalisation is fading,” he had said.

The Chinese spokesperson said that the country would like to work with India and other countries to make globalisation stronger.

“China and India share a lot of common interests. China would like to enhance coordination and cooperation with all countries including India to steer the economic globalisation towards benefiting world economic growth and well-being of all countries,” Hua said.

China has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of globalisation as it is scoring double-digit growth astride its manufacturing and exporting.

On the question whether opposing protectionism by both India and China will give the two countries a common ground, with the help of which the countries might improve their ties, Hua said that maintaining steady relations worked in their favour.

“Our position is clear. India is a big neighbour of China. As the two largest developing countries and as two close neighbours, of course we hope that we can maintain steady development of bilateral relations. It serves the interests of our two sides,” she said.

China has been a vocal critic of the United States President Donald Trump’s America First policy.

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