Delhi, March 19: Senior Congress leader P. Chidambaram has come out in praise of the BJP and the RSS’ organisational skills after the Congress party’s recent debacle in the state assembly elections. After a striking analysis, the Congress leader claimed that his party was no match to the BJP and RSS when it came to the particular skill.

The comments were made during the launch of his latest book, “Fearless in Opposition” in Kolkata. Addressing the gathering, Chidambaram said, “Clearly, the Congress party’s organisational structure is no match to BJP-RSS.” He went to add that it was this organisational skill that helped in pulling votes during elections.

Speaking on the plans for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Chidambaram said that the Congress party needed 29 different strategies, one for each state. He said, “A strategy which is right for Gujarat will not be the same for Assam. I told my leadership of the need to chalk out 29 strategies for the 2019 elections.”

Speaking on demonetisation, he said, “Post demonetisation, the GDP had slipped from 7.83 per cent to 6.61 per cent in the first three-quarters as per the CSO data,” he said. The figures for GVA (Gross Value Added) was more stark – a drop of 3.03 percent from the first to the third quarter.” He has also predicted that the figures for the fourth quarter would be even worse.