New Delhi: The Uttar Pradesh government on Monday denied permission to Congress leaders for their protest march, which they had organised in support of the Shahjahanpur law student, who had accused BJP’s Chinmayanand of sexual harassment. Notably, the Congress party was scheduled to hold ‘Nyay Yatra’ (justice march) from Shahjahanpur to Lucknow in order to ensure that justice is delivered to the woman. All the senior leaders of the party from the state were expected to participate in the march. Also Read - 'Chinmayanand No Longer Party Member,' Says BJP as Court Rejects Accuser's Bail Plea

Meanwhile, Congress leader Jitin Prasada has been put under house arrest and three others have been detained. “Congress today wanted to hold a march to highlight the plight of the Shahjahnpur rape victim but the local administration is not allowing it. Tell me how is it a violation of law? It’s unfortunate”, said Jitin Prasada. Also Read - Law Student, Who Accused Chinmayanand of Rape, Arrested For Extortion

Speaking to reporters in Lucknow, the deputy leader of the Congress Legislative Party (CLP) in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly, Aradhana Mishra had said, “The BJP government is helping Swami Chinmayanand in every possible way. It has slapped extortion charges on the woman and arrested her, so as to weaken the case against Chinmayanand. In order to ensure delivery of justice to the woman, the Congress will take out a 180-kilometre-long march from Shahjahanpur to Lucknow on Monday. Also Read - No More a 'Swami'? Chinmayanand to be Stripped Off His Sainthood Over Rape Charges

“The Congress demands that the hearing of the rape case against Chinmayanand be taken up in a fast-track court,” she said, adding that the priority of the opposition party was to ensure that justice was delivered to the woman.”This fight will be fought by the party from the streets to the state Assembly. The fight for justice will commence from Shahjahanpur on 30 September,” Mishra had said.

Earlier last week, the law student was arrested by the police in a case of extortion filed by Chinmayanand’s associates. Her parents had claimed that their daughter was dragged by the police to the Kotwali police station without even her slippers.