New Delhi, June 12: Congress President Rahul Gandhi while addressing the National OBC convention at Talkatora Stadium stated that the person who founded the aerated drink Coca-Cola used to sell ‘Shikanji’ in America while the founder of McDonald’s used to run a dhaba in the country. “A man who used to sell shikanji (Lemonade) was appreciated for his skill and hard work. He made money and used it to start the Coca-Cola company,” he stated adding, “A man running a dhaba (roadside eatery) founded the McDonald’s chain. Show me one dhaba owner in India who can do this.”

“Is it because the dhaba owners don’t have the necessary skills? No, it’s because the doors of our banks and our politicians are shut as far as they are concerned. India does not reward people who have the skills. Our government always gives preference to big industrialists and avoids those who run small businesses,”Rahul added.

Soon after his statement #AccordingToRahulGandhi became the top trend on Twitter with over 3.5 K tweets.

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Meanwhile, speaking at the National OBC convention, Rahul also accused the saffron party and the right-wing organisation of dividing the nation, saying,”The RSS is a force working to divide the people. It wants to drive a wedge in the OBC community.”

The Congress president asserted that under the Narendra Modi government, people’s right to free speech was being subdued and even the saffron party leaders were scared of voicing their opinion if was against the RSS or Prime Minister Modi.