New Delhi: Union External Affairs Minister (EAM) S Jaishankar on Tuesday addressed the Paris Peace Forum and called for joint action against the forces of terrorism and extremism from building a presence in the digital domain. Also Read - 'English-Speaking Liberal Media Posed Bigger Problem,' Says EAM Jaishankar on Article 370 Move

“Coordinated action by nations (bilaterally or multilaterally) to prevent the forces of terrorism and extremism from building presence in the digital domain. For the specific security threats, including cyberattacks on critical infrastructures, countries should consider entering into arrangements for speedy action and mitigation,” Jaishankar was quoted as saying by PTI. Also Read - ‘Historic Moment,’ Says Jaishankar as Air India Makes Inaugural Flight to Jaffna After 40 Years

He also said that all need to arrive at a global understanding if not a global regulation, in order that cyberspace remains open, safe and secure.

“We’re excited about the opportunities, but also concerned about threats from the cyberspace. An example is unimpeded growth of terrorism related activities, including extremist propaganda; terror financing; illicit trafficking and radicalisation in cyberspace,’ he added.

The EAM said that the cyberspace and digital technologies have been a real force of economic, social, political, industrial, even behavioural transformation.

“It operates in national boundaries but has a borderless nature. It offers limitless opportunities but also exposes us to an uncharted territory of considerable challenges,” he said.

Saying that India launched the ‘Digital India’ initiative four years ago, the minister the central notion is that Digital infrastructure should be available as a utility to all citizens.

He said the world’s largest 1.2 billion strong biometrics based digital Unique ID programme; 1.2 billion mobile phone connections; 1 billion bank accounts; and over 500 million internet connections has created a massive matrix that converges growth with governance and mainstreams all the demographies into national development.

(With inputs from PTI)