New Delhi: Taking a swipe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over India ranking 102 in the Global Hunger Index, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that it has revealed a “colossal failure in government policy and blown the lid off the PM’s hollow “sabka vikas” claim”.

Taking to Twitter, Gandhi said, “India’s Global Hunger Index ranking, falling steadily since 2014, has now crashed to 102/117. This ranking reveals a colossal failure in Govt policy and blows the lid off the PM’s hollow “sabka vikas” claim, parroted by Modia.”

It must be noted that India was left behind its neighbours Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh in the Global Hunger Index 2019 as it was ranked 102 among a total of 117 countries.

Senior Congress leader also took a dig at PM Modi over the same. Taking to Twitter, Sibal suggested PM Modi to “concentrate less on politics and more on our children” as “they are future”.

“Modiji : Concentrate less on politics more on our children . They are our future.India slips on Global Hunger Index (GHI)
2010 : 95th rank
2019 : 102nd rank
93% of children (6 to 23) months don’t get minimum acceptable diet,” Sibal said.

Earlier on Tuesday, Sibal attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the slumping economy, while quoting Abhijit Banerjee, the winner of Economics Nobel Prize 2019. In a tweet, the Congress leader had said that PM Modi should “attend to work”.

Sibal quipped, “Is Modiji listening ?”. He added, “Abhijit Banerjee: 1) Indian economy on shaky ground 2) “ political interference “ in statistical data 3) Average urban and rural consumption gone down – hasn’t happened since the seventies 4) We in (India) are in crisis. Attend to work. Less photo-ops.”