New Delhi, Jul 11: Pakistan’s first-ever Sikh police officer, Gulab Singh, on Wednesday alleged that the government is forcefully evicting the Sikh community from the country. Talking to news agency ANI, Singh said, “Even in 1947, Sikhs did not leave Pakistan but now we are being forced to do so.” Also Read - ICC Test Rankings - Virat Kohli Retains Fifth Place, Rishabh Pant Breaks Into Top 10

Thanking ANI for showing his plight to the world, Singh said, “Since 1947, my family has been staying in Pakistan. Even after the riots, we did not leave Pakistan. Now, we are being forced to leave. My house is sealed with all belongings, including my slippers, inside. Even this ‘patka’ on my head is an old rag which I just wrapped. I was harassed, beaten and my faith was disrespected,” he said to ANI. Also Read - I Have Total Control in Team And Selection Matters: Babar Azam

On Tuesday, a video had gone viral where Singh was heard saying that he had been evicted from his house in city’s Dera Chahal by local police officials and his turban was forcefully opened and hair untied. “This is how Sikhs are treated in Pakistan. I am being targeted. I was dragged out of my own house, my turban was opened,” he charged.

In the video, Singh was also seen pleading with police officials to give him time to move out of his residence. “At least give us ten minutes, we have been staying here since 1947,” he could be heard saying.

According to media reports, Gulab Singh was evicted by Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB). He had filed a case against Syed Asif Akhtar Hashmi, the then chairman of ETPB, in 2011 for illegally selling Gurudwara property. In February 2018, the Supreme Court of Pakistan held Hashmi responsible for illegal selling of Sikh gurudwaras in the country.