New Delhi: A complaint was filed on Tuesday against Bharatiya Janata Party leader Kapil Mishra for his communal tweet on Diwali.

Mishra, who recently joined the BJP, had tweeted, “Pollution kam karna hai to yeh wale patakhe kam Karo, Diwali ke patakhe nahi” (If you want pollution to come down, then you should reduce these firecrackers and not the ones burst on Diwali). Along with the tweet, Mishra attached a photograph of an elderly man with a skull cap and several children along with women in burqa, waiting in a queue.

Many users on Twitter were offended by the tweet and slammed the leader for stoking communal hatred. Mishra however, maintained that he was just trying to raise awareness on the need for population control.


The Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) hit out at Mishra, accusing him of comparing “Muslim children to pollution” for his “petty politics” and stoking acrimony in society. Following the backlash, the tweet was taken down by Twitter for violating its guidelines.

Mishra, hit back saying he had only posted pictures of children but “they are seeing them as Muslims, if the picture would have been of a Hindu family, would they have reacted in the same manner.”

He also talked about how he’s getting threatening messages and calls, post the tweet.


Meanwhile, another section of users stood by Mishra and started the hashtag #IstandwithKapilMishra, supporting his statement: