New Delhi, Jul 12:  The Goa unit of the Congress wrote a letter to Guinness World Records demanding that a record for the highest number of foreign trips be registered in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s name. The letter read, “We are overwhelmed and”extremely happy to suggest the name of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has set the world record of making 41 trips to 52 countries in his tenure of four years”.

Talking to media, Goa Congress spokesperson Sankalp Amonkar, claimed that the prime minister had spent more time abroad than in India.

Modi has spent Rs 355,30,38,465 on his foreign visits, the letter claimed.  “The PM has become a role model for future generations of India as no other prime minister in the world has traveled (so much) across the countries of the world in their respective tenures,” the letter said.

Recently, an RTI report revealed that Rs 355 crore was spent on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 41 trips to over 50 countries in his little over than four-year term. The report was shared by the RTI activist, Bhimappa Gadad.

Of Modi’s trips to 52 countries, the most fund was spent on his nine-day tri-nation visit to France, Germany, and Canada between April 9 and 15, 2015. The amount spent on that trip cost Rs 31,25,78,000; the cheapest was his first one as Prime Minister, to Bhutan on June 15-16, 2014, at Rs 2,45,27,465.

The Opposition has constantly attacked PM Modi’s foreign trips saying that it has paralyzed governance in the nation.