New Delhi: Good news to cheer up the residents of Delhi as the electricity regulator today announced power tariff. Delhi Chief Minister Congratulated the Delhiites as not only there was no hike in the revised tariff but the domestic consumers with 1,200 units or less month will have to pay a lesser amount.Also Read - Who is Vinai Kumar Saxena, The New LG of Delhi?

Households that use more than the 1,200 unit mark, will have to pay 25 paise more for each kilowatt of power. Also Read - Haryanvi Singer, Reported Missing For 12 Days, Found Buried Near Highway in Rohtak: Police

Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC), an independent and quasi-judicial body, has reduced fixed charges for users who consume up to 1200 units. Also Read - Delhi Scientist Working With IT Ministry Dies After Jumping Off 7th Floor of Shastri Bhavan

Fixed charge, a part of the electricity bill, is the cost a consumer has to pay even if she does not consume any unit of power.

The reduction in fixed charges will lead to an effective reduction of Rs 105 for those who have sanctioned load of 1kW. Similarly, there’s a reduction of Rs 90 in 2-5kW range, reduction of Rs 75 in 5-15kW range.

Accordingly, 2kW connections will save ₹210, 3kW – ₹270, 4kW – ₹360 while 5kW and 6kW connections will save ₹450.

7kW connections will save ₹525, 8kW – ₹600, 9kW – ₹675while 10kW connections will save ₹755.

Last year, the fixed charges were increased and had led to an increase in the overall electricity bills of many Delhiites.

“Congratulations Delhi. For fifth consecutive year NO electricity tariff hike. On the contrary, for fifth consecutive yr, tariffs reduced. Delhi has lowest electricity tariffs in the country now And Del is the only place in India wid 24×7 electricity,” tweeted Kejriwal.