New Delhi: As a sign of protest against the Narendra Modi government’s ‘unfulfilled promise’ of providing jobs, members of the Congress student body the National Student Union of India or NSUI on Wednesday polished shoes across the country.

In the national capital, they polished boots outside the Delhi University Arts Faculty in North Campus area. Similar protests were held in different cities across the country.

NSUI leaders said the BJP government at the Centre made false promises on giving employment to the youth. They said joblessness has increased under the Modi government.

A recent report said that youth inactivity is the highest in India among emerging and developing economies. Speaking on labour market at an event organised by Brokings India, IMF senior economist John Bluedorn on Wednesday said.

“Youth inactivity is the highest in India compare to emerging and developing economies and it about 30 per cent”, he added.

Bluedorn noted that the key challenges facing youth in emerging economies labour markets include gender gaps, technological change, poor job quality in employment.He also pointed out that emerging economies are less vulnerable than advanced economies from technological changes and automation challenges.

A recent data compiled by Mumbai-based CMIE also claimed that the unemployment rate in India rose to 7.2 per cent in February 2019.


With PTI inputs